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1. Diagnostic Examination

Before servicing your Rolex watch, we conduct a thorough diagnostic examination that will give you an exact estimate. During this process, every Rolex watch is completely documented upon arrival and all challenges are noted and your Rolex watch is photographed in order to document its exterior style and condition.

rolex movement service

2. Assessment 

Your Rolex watch movement is completely disassembled (usually into 250 parts) and each part is carefully examined and replaced if necessary with factory certified original manufacturers parts.

rolex and omega factory cleaning

3. Cleaning & Servicing

Then all the parts go through an ultrasonic cleaning process to remove all dirt, dust and dried oils.

rolex day date case polishing

4. Watch Case Disassembly & Polishing

Your Rolex watch case is carefully disassembled and if necessary a new crown and tube are added to ensure your watch remains completely water resistant

rolex sub case cleaning

All gaskets are systematically changed. The case and bracelet are then individually hand polished and refinished to restore their original luster. After a special cleaning process, your Rolex watch case is carefully assembled and we perform the first pressure test.

Rolex beafore and after refinishing samples

Rolex 116610 service and polish

Rolex 116610

Rolex president repair

Rolex 18238

rolex sea dweller repair

Rolex 16600

rolex lady date just service

Rolex Lady-Datejust

5. Timekeeping & Calibration

After reassembly we will carefully calibrate the balance wheel which is the heart of the movement. Then we will test the performance and daily accuracy of the movement in five different positions on a sophisticated timing machine to ensure everything is set to manufactures standards. Next, the dial, hands and self-winding rotor mechanism is put in place and the movement is returned to the case. We only use the Chronoscope M1 Automatic timing machine (pictured below) which is used by service centers and other watch factories such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Tag Heuer.

adjusting rolex watch
rolex and omega timing test
rolex timing result
Rolex and Omega watch automatic test

The newly assembled Rolex watch then undergoes 5 days and nights of testing on a specially designed wrist motion simulator, which recreates the normal activity the Rolex watch would encounter when worn on your wrist.

6. Pressure Testing & Waterproofing

The Rolex watch case is  tested to ensure it meets water-resistance requirements. The three-step process – a vacuum test, a compression test and a condensation test – will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the watch case.

rolex vacuum test
rolex pressure test
rolex condensation test
Rolex 16610 restoration

7. Quality Control

The final step involves a stringent visual analysis to make certain you Rolex watch is returned to you in flawless mint condition.

Rolex watch service warranty


We stand behind our work 100%. All Rolex watches we service come with a 24-month warranty which covers parts and labor.


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